9 Amazing Fun Facts about solar energy you probably didn’t know

Fun Facts about solar energy

1. The world has installed 68 GW of solar PV power plants in just 2 years(2012 & 2013), almost the same as it installed in the previous 40 years combined

2. Many renewable energy sources such as wind, hydro and biomass are mainly derived from solar energy. Therefore, solar acts as a mother of most energy sources.

Renewable energy


3. By 2050, International Energy Agency(IEA) says that the solar will be world’s single largest source of electricity, supplying close to 30% of total. That’s up from 1% currently.

4. The Super Solar Impulse 2 is a plane that flew all around the world by just solar power.


5. Sunlight can generate electricity not just through solar panels, but also by generating steam and running a turbine through Concentrating solar power (CSP).

6. Albert Einstein was the first scientist who got the Nobel Prize for his work on photovoltaic effect.

7. In thin film solar panels, the semiconductor thickness is less than 5% of what it is in crystalline panels

8. Solar and wind energy compliment each other which means when there is sun, there is usually a little wind and vice versa. That’s how solar-wind hybrid power plants make sense.

9. The solar panels used in space gets power 24*7 as it receives sunlight all the time.


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