Benefits of Going Solar

Advantages of solar energy

Solar power generation is becoming as one of the fastest growing renewable sources of electricity. Solar power generation has many advantages over other forms of electricity generation. Whether you own a house, business or municipal building, you are at a benefit of installing solar panels.

Let’s begin with the Several Advantages of going social:

Save maximum on electricity bills:

Installing solar panels can help in saving a huge amount of money on your electricity bills. The more solar power generation from your panel takes place, the lesser power you need to buy from the electricity board, helping you cut down on the electricity costs.

Increase Value of your home:

Buying a house with solar panels converts into low electricity costs. Solar panels increase the worth of any property in the market the same as with low property taxes, the ones in the school districts and with good home energy ratings. A Study reveals that houses with solar panels sell 20% faster and for 17% more money.


Solar is a highly secure investment:

Solar energy is an upward trend. The Electricity boards are infamous for their unreliable and fluctuating electricity prices. With solar panels and simple maths, anyone can calculate how much electricity it will generate and mostly, the price of solar power generation, can easily calculate the energy cost for the next 20 years.

Great support from government :

The government extremely supports solar initiatives. Both residential and commercial solar installations qualify for tax credits keeping the cost of the solar power at more affordable prices. New York has some of the best solar tax credits and programs of any state. And also in India, Solar is Trending and growing at a fast rate.

It doesn’t take up extra space:

It is possible solar panel installation on just any of the roof. This helps to prevent the installation from taking up valuable land space on your property proving to be one of the most efficient forms of energy. It also protects your roof shingles from elements.


Lower your carbon footprint:

Solar panels produce minimum pollution and run silently, making it a vital energy source for fighting climate change. According to reports, an 8.6kW home solar system avoids an equivalent of 9606 Pounds of carbon dioxide released each year. It’s doing the work of approximately 100 mature trees. So if your entire neighborhood goes solar, it will be like growing a forest benefiting both the finances and the environment. You get to choose the best of both worlds by going solar.

Suitable for all Weather:

Some countries may boast about more sunny days than other regions for effective solar power generation, but solar panels are effective even in colder degrees. For example, even though having a year-round Foggy and cloudy days, Germany remains to be a leader in solar energy.

Ultimate Renewable energy source:

Unlike regular fuels and natural gas, the sun is an ultimate energy source that is renewable. The benefits from going solar are worth it as the sun is an infinite source of energy and going solar reduces our dependence on regular fuels.

Low Maintenance: Solar panels require very less maintenance. You only need to remove Rain and snow is all for maximum efficiency.

Multiple Uses of Solar Power:

 In addition to generating the power to meet everyday needs, solar can also be used in remote areas to heat water and cook, run generators and cars. We already know, rural districts are facing electricity shortages and solar can come as a great rescue for them.


In this article, we looked at the different benefits of going solar. If you are looking for installing a Solar panel for your residence or commercial property, Apollo can help you in getting the proper solar sizing done. If you have any requirements, then get in touch.

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