Why Should We Choose Solar Energy?

Why Should We Choose Solar Energy?

The Energy got from Sun is known as the Solar Energy it’s one the most effective and venerable form of renewable energy. This source of clean energy is with no harmful emission that would cause any damage to our planet Earth and it’s available to everyone. By using solar energy one can not only help themselves but also contribute towards building a happy green environment making this planet a better place for living. On an average India receives solar radiation from the sun at intensity of 200 megawatt per kilometer square. Due to improvement in the field of technology and science, Solar Panels have been introduced and people have adapted to this technology rapidly. Solar Panels are being used widely and it can also be a great asset for investment. Looking at the growing pace of solar power being adopted by people, It’s the right time to use solar energy now rather than waiting for it to go mainstream in future.

Why Should We Use Solar Energy Now?

There has been gradual increase in prices by utility companies. Years have gone by where we have been discussing about Solar Energy as ‘Energy of the Future’ but it is already being used widely not only by clean energy enthusiasts but also in homes and businesses due to the improvement in technology and dip in the price of Solar Panels and the technology. The quality and efficiency of Solar technology has improved. Governments of various countries provide incentives for people to install Solar Panels and use solar power. Due to these reasons solar energy stands on par with traditional power sources as cost effective and viable option for electricity.

Solar Panels are cost effective as it saves money on energy bills. New schemes have been introduced to generate electricity from solar which are cost friendly to the users and any households who install Solar Panels in 2018, can expect a return on investment within 14 years and make a 4.8% return over 20 years. If one thinks it acts as a heat radiator? Then NO, Solar will not act as heat radiator as Solar Panels will provide hot water for your domestic needs. Providing anywhere up to 60% of your year round hot water needs, as per SEAI’s guidance. Although a solar thermal system can help make your entire house’s heating system more efficient. Apart from saving on utility bills, reducing your carbon footprint and receiving concessions from the government, solar energy also generates many jobs. You can also earn money by providing excess electricity produced by solar panels back to the grid. Even though the initial investment may be high but it is very beneficial in the long run.

The Government bodies in India have been actively showing support towards solar power. For example solar energy has been effectively used in Odisha as the government of Odisha has set a target to electrify at least 406 villages by the use of solar power during 2017.They have provided similar facilities to 1620 villages so far. The information was given during a press conference by Odisha’s Science and Technology Minister Badri Narayan Patra. He also mentioned about a plan to install solar pumps for irrigation.
There’s no better time than now to switch to solar power. The future is made by our decisions today so do not fear the change, just accept it.

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