Climate Change in India and Renewable Energy

Climate change has affected India’s economy drastically and the agricultural sector is in jeopardy. Apart from agriculture the overall productivity has reduced too. In Delhi there is low visibility and educational institutions have shut down due to smog. It also has been linked to varioushealth hazards. South-West Indian Ocean creates cyclones and storms that are affecting various places lying in the coastal belt in India.

One of the main reasons for climate change or global warming is pollution. Pollution is caused due to smoke emitted from factories, vehicles, mining, burning fossil fuels, etc. Non-Renewable resources like fossil fuels are high in demand and this has caused the prices of these non-renewable resources to increase. Now the search has begun for a more economical energy source. What if the economical energy source can also be ecofriendly?
Yes, we are talking about solar energy. Solar power is not only economical in long run but also eco-friendly. Due to growth in technology the prices of solar panels have reduced. Solar Rooftop Solutions, Solar Hybrid Solutions, Solar Cooker and Solar Water Heaters are eco-friendly alternatives for various products that consume other expensive non-renewable energy sources.And Solar Panels are getting more efficient by the use of more efficient cells used to produce more power, which helps to lower the cost of producing electricity and provides a quicker return on investments for homeowners or power plant developers.

Today India has more demand for electricity compared to the supply. The production of electricity is hugely dependent on nonrenewable resources like coal. But the use of Solar Energy has been increasing to generate non-polluting, clean source of energy and also controls other environmental hazards caused by emission of smoke etc., as solar energy does not emit any harmful radiations. As there are various different concerns leading to that are depleting the natural resources, people have started switching to renewable sources of energy as the cost of producing them has been reducing due to growth in technology.


In 2040, 49% of electricity produced in India could be through renewable energy. Due to increase in efficiency of batteries to store electricity, renewables could be used to store energy for the night or gloomy weather conditions.

This may cut the Solar Energy costs by 66% over current costs, according to the Bloomberg New Energy Outlook 2017 report.

Fact: World’s second largest Solar Power Plant at a single location is situated in Tamil Nadu has a capacity of 648 MW and covers area of 10 sq km. This solar power plant in Kamuthi, Tamil Nadu was built in just 8 months of time.

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