Commercial Solar Panels


Why Should I Consider Commercial Solar Panels?

Today for all businesses aim at saving energy, saving environment etc. Commercial Solar Panels are the most important viable option which is available in the market for all the businesses today for the following reasons:

Save Money

It’s very important to reduce overhead expenses in any business. Solar panels help to save money in any business by generating free, green electricity to be used onsite. This lowers the demand for consumption of energy produced from the grid during daylight hours. This helps in saving thousands of rupees every year on energy bills.

Save the Environment

Reducing carbon footprint has become the major matter of concern. Hence generating one’s own electricity from solar reduces your carbon output and could offset most, if not all, of your business’ carbon emissions. Climatic changes have been highlighted as one of the major topic of concern at the moment. Green initiatives add a competitive advantage, to strengthen the relationships with the supply chain management systems and with the clients.

Energy Security

The Indian energy policy is largely defined by the country’s expanding energy deficit and increased in a shift of focus on alternative sources of energy, particularly Solar, Wind and Nuclear energy.

As per the research, India ranks 81st position in overall energy self-sufficiency at 66% in 2014.

Indian solar power PV tariff has fallen at its lowest to ₹2.44 per kWh in May 2017 which is lower than any other type of power generation in India. Also, the international tariff of solar thermal storage power plants has fallen significantly making it cheaper than fossil fuel plants. Hybrid solar power is a mix of solar PV and solar thermal storage power and this is much cheaper. This doesn’t need dependence on costly and polluting coal/gas fired power generation for ensuring stable grid operation. Solar electricity price is going to set a standard benchmark price for deciding the prices for other fuels such as petroleum products, natural gas/biogas/LNG, CNG, LPG, coal, lignite, biomass, etc. based on their ultimate use and advantages.

Finance Options for Commercial Solar Panels Installations

Even though the feed-in tariff was heavily cut in January 2016-2017, the ROI on buying a Solar PV system will still get good returns for the business.

Battery Storage Solutions

To leverage additional financial expenses, an integration of solar panel system with an onsite solar battery storage solution will be an added advantage as it provides energy security benefits for your business. Utilization of surplus stored energy got from self-generated electricity instead of exporting surplus energy back to the grid, can help in energy savings, as it cuts/reduces the further dependability on the National Gird. In case of power cuts onsite, stored energy onsite will help in smooth functioning of the business operations without any obstacles.

The Commercial Rooftop Experts with Multi-Sector Experience

Apollo has always maintained focus on installing solar panels on commercial rooftops. This has helped us to expertise in our field. Our clients and industry consist of wide range of business right from small independent retailers to multi-megawatt blue chip manufacturing companies installing solar panels.

Don’t take our word for it – Check our wide range of projects on solar solutions to know how we have worked with the similar industry of yours, and how we have helped them achieve their green, clean energy environmental goals.

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