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Apollo Power Systems is a well-known leading electrical engineering contractor with extensive knowledge in all realms of electrical works. Our electrical contractors are known for their quality of work, arduous design systems and a strong inclination towards work ethics. We leap towards every opportunity and make the most out of it. Apollo Power Systems does not limit only to commercial but also take up industrial, residential and many other projects with the latest technology available in the markets. Apollo is one of the most reliable and robust electrical contracting agency in South India.

We are a Class 1 Licensed Electrical Contractors in Bangalore.

Class 1 electrical contractors in Bangalore

We provide end to end electrical contracting solutions. Our main Electrical Contracting services include:

A substation is a part of the electrical transmission and distribution system that transforms currents from high voltage to low voltage or vice-versa or other important functions.
We are key players in the market for Installing and upgrading the existing power stations with updated modern power substations which can be customized to suit customers’ requirements.

  • Transmission and Distribution Construction services (includes electrical design, development, maintenance and testing services)Transmission lines carry high voltage current from the substation, where the power is produced. These are generally used for power transmission over large distances. Very high voltage current is transmitted since the current needs to be transported over long distances.
    To ensure the effectiveness of our operations, we have a dedicated team to design, build and maintain transmission and distribution systems for our clients.
  • Internal Electrification and Electrical maintenance services Our priority has always been to maintain a high level of safety, quality, and dependability on us. So that you can be confident about our workmanship of our certified engineers & electricians will meet all standard codes and regulations.
    We provide end to end turnkey electrical services for our clients, which includes installation and maintenance of equipment’s to ensure consistent power supply.

These services cover EHT(Extra High Tension) Work Towers –  Transmission Lines, and Substation Work, HT(High Tension) Works, Transformers and Yards and Internal and LT(Low Tension) Works.

We follow a typical waterfall-type model in our inquiry-to-delivery cycle to ensure the best possible conversion of customer requirement to the final outcome

Licensed Electrical Contractors