Importance of Facility Management

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Importance of Facility Management

Facility Management  according to European standards is an Integrated process within the organization to maintain and developed the agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of the primary activities. In simple terms it refers to the maintenance of an organization’s buildings and equipments. The Importance of Facility  Management involves in having long term strategic plans to make most out off the operating assets.The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) defines facility management as “a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology.” i.e., Facility Management Services consist of various services such as building maintenance, people integration, process integration, technology integration etc. in the organization which aims to ensure the working of the organization.

The world of Facility Management continues to expand and include the management of a wide spread of peoples’ skills, tangible assets and aid services. Due to rapid change in technology and fast growing industries, facilities management professionals have extensive responsibilities comprising services of qualified & skilled Engineering professionals to handle routine, Administrative and technical support from back-end support staff, Periodical maintenance to ensure maximum uptime in respect of all utility equipments & Performing a Technical Audit from Corporate/ Operations team & much more. Any new products/services of facility management actually goes through 3 stages: planning, execution & implementation of the project as key decision makers are always on field to come up with fresh and innovative solutions to meet the organization goals.

The process for executing the strategic plans involves analyzing the current processes, looking into the gaps and fixing them. Then comes the planning process, where new process implementation is planned. Next the process is implemented. Then the results are analyzed with the previous results. This cycle continues until the optimum results are attained. Facility management includes management methods and techniques of building management, infrastructure management of an organization and methods of overall harmonization of the work environment of the organization. Organizational Management, SWOT Analysis &Risk Management.

It also involves considering short term day to day operations for high productivity.

In India over the last few years organizations have realized the importance of facility management . Today it has gained prominent position as organizations have identified that well maintained buildings and utilities help effective and efficient functioning.

Today the Importance of Facility Management and its’ benefits are visible to all the organizations.Our facility management team consists of professionals involved in Analysis, Maintenance and Repair of the company utilities. They are also strongly involved in vital daily planning activities to help increase employee productivity and reduce costs of the organization.

Benefits of outsourcing Facility Management to a quality vendor:

• It helps to cut costs

• Increase productivity of the employees

• Enhance the skills of people within the organization.

• Ensure that organization abides by the laws and regulations put forth.

• Provides business continuity and manpower protection in an age where security threats are on the rise.

• Enables new working styles and strategies essential for the technology-propelled era.

• Enhances and reflects an organization’s identity and image.

• Creates distinguishable and meaningful career options.

The target for any business is to reduce the costs, enhance staff productivity and generate leads. Good facility management process covers almost all the business aspects and takes active involvement in strategic planning to assist a company to achieve their professional objectives.

Apollo Power Systems have been helping organizations to improve the efficiency of there facility management by providing them facility management services which will suit there organization. Apollo Power System is also known for providing Facility Management Training across south India. Trainings help every organization to keep the workspace and people of the healthy work environment, trainings such as Time Management, Stress Management, Managers Training Programs etc..

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