Solar On-Grid Solar System & It’s functionality



How Many of Us Actually Know the Concept of “On-Grid Solar System” and It’s Functionality?

The Solar On-Grid Solution connects public electricity grid and solar system, the power runs in the system without battery backup. This functions only when there is the power supply in the grids, hence known as grid supply. Hence due to this, a small customization has been implemented to provide power backup to the customers by providing small battery bank as a buffer to provide robustness and deliver quality power to the customer.


The Functionality of On-Grid Solar System:

  • Electricity generated from solar system using solar power got from solar panels. The power generated is called as Direct Current i.e, DC which needs to be converted into alternate current i.e, AC. Usually, AC power is used for external applications. So the system is connected to one or more inverters to convert DC to AC. The inverters also help to regulate the current generated.
  • If the power generation is more from Solar PV System, then the power is reverted back to the grid. The advantage of this is the customer can avail credit for the surplus power generated from the power distribution companies. The inflow and outflow of the power can be measured by Bi-directional Meter. This system enables the user to avail Net Metering.
  • The Power distribution companies pay well to the customers for surplus energy exported to the grid.
  • One of the best alternative ways to reduce electricity bill overhead charges. Up to 90% reduction in an electricity bill is possible
  • The value can be calculated by using this simple formula: Net Units = Imported Units – Exported Units

Benefits of Grid Solar System:

  • No need to store energy in batteries, thus, no recurring cost is involved.
  • They are cost-effective, i.e. they are economical, ROI within 3-4 years.
  • Eventually, they pay off the investment amount in them by offsetting the utility bills.
  • They help in reducing your carbon footprints by increasing the use of non-conventional energy (the sun) and minimizing the use of conventional sources of energy which cause harm to nature.
  • The electricity cost and usage is abridged.
  • The possibility of selling the excess electricity to the electricity board and generating revenue out of it escalates.
  • Moreover, it helps you make smart use of the renewable sources of energy and avoid depletion of non-renewable ones.
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