5 Skillsets inherited by Women to Make Perfect Facility Managers

5 Skillsets Inherited by Women to Make Perfect Facility Managers

All women are known to be naturally multi-taskers and experts at skills such as problem solving & networking at least effort. The fact that women are better than men at being emotionally intelligent is what makes them uniquely qualified for facilities management. Management of multiple things at home and work with maintaining work balance, with no compromise on any aspects have been an inbuilt beauty and strength of any women. And technology era is an added advantages to them, the work process is more refined and simplified for them.In most of the small/medium/large/IT companies, women are at high positions and are leaders. Soft skills play a major role in are proving them to be a better manager, managing different complicated issues of various departments. Facility management software is helping them in being more efficient than ever in handling all the problems that arise in the facilities management.

5 Skills that Women Inherent are:

1. Networking:

Women are best known for networking skills. They know how to build network, expand network & create their network. Employees also turn to women bosses with more assurance that their issues will be addressed. Unlike men, women stick together and protect one another.

Networking under Facility Management Services: Building connections is like establishing a chain of potential problem solvers for you. Everywhere all workplace face many issues related to space & infrastructure management, and people & organization management. A facility manager with these connections will be at your rescue even before you would have identified the issue, the matter would have been resolved by the manager. Networking skills help them in different activities such as supervising the staffs, and dealing with the complaints from management, vendors, and the inspectors and trying to streamline for smooth functionality of the task.


2. Relationship:

Maintaining and building relationships are in-born talent in women. It comes naturally to them. Establishing long lasting, genuine, Healthy and meaningful relationships is a part of womanhood. They never let any trustworthy and healthy relationship die, always try to make it work. This helps them in having a deep understanding of the limits and abilities of their colleagues and staffs.

Relationship under Facility Management Services: Relationship facility managers are very efficient at managing company’s assets and related leasing/rental documentations. This task may include scrutiny of agreement terms copy, monitor lease lock-in periods/rent-free periods, Connecting to landlord and dealing with them on payments, etc.

3. Solution Provider:

Solution got from Men & Women is different, the skill sets women have to solve problems/issue are focus on root of problem/issue. Women always trust on taking help from people whom they are close/comfortable with to solve the issue. They discuss about it in detail, forming a small team, deep dive into the issue and resolve it collectively.

Problem Solver under Facility Management Services: Online Facility Management Software have helped all facility mangers to organize their activities/tasks/actions back of their palm. Having said that, they are not completely off from working they need to physically get the work done even after these softwares have been introduced. Key players are manpower and teamwork. Women facility managers tend to discuss about the issue to the team forming, deep dive into the issue and resolve it collectively.

4. Opportunity:

Women are known for identification & grabbing of opportunity skills. However, seeking opportunity in everyone and everything. Bringing ideas to life and setting as an inspiration to other fellow men, is what makes women facility managers more practical and precise with their objectives and goals.

Opportunity under Facility Management Services: facility management, need leaders to direct, make decisions, and implement work with a wide range of available data. An expert facility manager tries to seek opportunity in everyone and everything for the company by analyzing & assimilating them and looking for different workable patterns, linkages, and relationships to increases the growth graph for future not only present.


5. Emotionally Intelligent:

Most important aspect is to be emotionally intelligent at workplace. Acceptability for critical feedbacks, refrain from blame games, Express opinions that are valuable to the team/company. Being self-motivator as well all team motivator to achieve the goal without any hiccups and to create a better working environment. Many researchers conducted around the world prove that a woman’s brain is wired in a way that makes them more emotionally intelligent and aware.

Emotional Intelligence under Facility Management Services: Facility managers are well connected from top level management in the organization to the lowest level in the organization. Communication plays a very vital role in the organization. Any communication is well communicated to all management team, workforce, third-party vendors, and the maintenance crew. Efficient self-management skills and strong social skills with well-balanced communication skills are most important for Facility Managers and women have all these qualities by default, hence makes them perfect at handling delegating tasks.

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