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All You Need to Know About Solar Net-Metering

Solar power is the most abundant renewable energy resource available on earth. Solar-generated electricity is created by using the technology field-tested and improved upon since the 19th century. When sunlight hits the solar panels or PV installation, the solar panels convert the sun’s light energy into electricity that can be used to power your facility Whether the electricity is being drawn from a solar installation or power grid from a utility company, your facility’s power performance will stay the same. 

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There are sometimes when solar panels generate more power than you need at home. This extra energy is put to good use nearby. Net Metering makes sure you receive a credit on your power bills for the energy you put on the grid. This credit fairly compensates all kinds of energy users from small homes and big businesses to schools & public buildings. 

Together interconnection and net metering are powerful tools for unleashing the many benefits of local solar. They keep energy dollars invested in the community putting people to work wherever there’s a roof & they reduce the need for expensive polluting power plants giving us cleaner air to breathe and that benefits us all. 

The direct current or DC power that the solar installation produces is wired into an inverter. This inverter converts the DC power into an alternating current, better known as AC power. This AC power is the standard electrical current used for powering most home appliances & luxuries throughout the world. The electrical current then flows from the inverter to the facility’s electrical service panel that feeds electricity into the facility. 

An optional tracking meter can keep track of a home’s total electrical consumption. These tracking systems often have live display systems or online monitors, so you can track how much of your facility’s electricity needs are met by your solar system’s production & how well your solar system is performing at any point in time. During the day if the production of the solar system exceeds the house’s electrical needs, the excess electricity is fed back into the power grid. When this occurs observe the electrical meter spin backward.

Most local governments have a system of credits set in place that require utility companies to buy this excess energy back for various renewable energy standards portfolios & goals. In addition to reducing your electric bills, these credits can be sold to the utilities. This generates revenue to pay back your cost of investment for the PV system and eventually turn a profit.

At night or any time of the day when the facility is using more electricity than the solar installation is producing the extra energy needed to power, the facility is pulled from the grid. When you install a solar system on any facility the only noticeable difference you’ll see is on your electric bill.

Investing in a PV system is a smart sensible choice that pays for itself over time by harnessing the most abundant free form of energy called “solar Power” available to us today.

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