Top Reasons to Choose an 450kVA MTU Diesel Generator over any other 500kVA Diesel Genset

MTU 450 kVA Diesel Genset


Why one must choose a 450 kVA MTU (a Rolls-Royce Solution) Diesel Generator over any 500kVA Diesel Genset

MTU 450kVA Diesel Generator

Diesel generators are available in various sizes, models, and designs that are manufactured by various companies across the globe. Also, matching up the right generator to the demands and needs of a facility is a very important factor during purchasing. Many times businesses end up buying a Genset with power outputs more or less than their requirements without checking the efficiency of the Genset. 

What’s so unique about MTU Diesel Generator? And why we are recommending a 450 kVA Genset is mostly because of its efficiency at various loads & costs compared to the 500 kVA diesel generator.

Here are the 3 main reasons why one must choose a 450 kVA MTU Diesel Generator Instead of any 500 kVA Genset.

Better fuel Efficiency at higher Loads: The FMTU diesel generators are known for their near-linear fuel efficiency at loads varying from 25% to 100% making them most cost-effective in terms of operating cost. These fuel efficiency ratings are far superior compared to the other brands 450 kVA & 500 kVA diesel generators.

  1. At 100% of power Rating: Ltrs/ Hr :  85.2
  2. At 75% of Power Rating: Ltrs/Hr : 69.2
  3. At 50% of Power Rating: Ltrs/Hr : 49.8

Best in class block loading capacity: It has the best in class block loading capability and hence there is no need for over-sizing the generating sets for accommodating sudden momentary peak loads.

Better cost compared to 500 Kva diesel Generator: By going for 450 kVA MTU Diesel Gensets instead of 500 kVA, a lot of money can be saved with a little less power output but with the same features but much higher fuel efficiency at full loads. 


What’s unique about MTU 450 kVA Diesel Generator?

Standard features of MTU 450 kVA Diesel Generator

  1. Single skid-mounted Engine, Radiator coupled to Alternator
  2. Radiator with 50°C ambient temperature
  3. Dry-type air filter with restriction indicator
  4. Integrated Fuel tank with 09 hours capacity
  5. Fuel Cooler & Fuel pre-filter with water separator
  6. AC Panel and DC Control Panel mounted inside the enclosure 

Besides the standard features which are found in the top diesel Gensets, MTU 450 kVA generator comes with the following extra special features.

Special Features

  1. Fully authority CRDI engine with superior fuel economy and Industry leading average load factor
  2. Silencer Placement inside the enclosure
  3. Digital Voltage & Frequency regulation
  4. Remote monitoring & diagnosis
  5. Major Service points on one side of the system
  6. Longer maintenance interval 500 Hours or 2 Years
  7. No schedule overhaul


Benefits of choosing an MTU Diesel Generator

  1. Industry-leading average load factor
  2. Low installment cos
  3. Low fuel consumption
  4. Best-in-class reliability and availability
  5. Outstanding load acceptance
  6. High-efficiency components
  7. Long maintenance intervals
  8. Remote control & monitoring solution
    • View real-time DG set health
    • Get predictive maintenance alerts
    • Give failure alerts directly to the dealer
    • Register online complaint

Are you looking for an efficient Diesel Generator for your facility? Contact Us today & we will help you in sizing a suitable Genset to suit your power requirements.

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