Why should Companies invest in Solar Power?

Solar Power in India

Solar Power is the transformation of heat that comes from the sun. In simple words, it converts sunlight into usable electricity. It has been used for decades all over the world in many different ways. Solar power energy is used in multiple ways, such as heating, cooking, drying, and so on. It also generates electricity or is stored in batteries.

How does Solar Power work?

This free energy can be obtained by converting sunlight into electricity using solar cells (PV panels). This technique uses a combination of solar cells, photodetectors and other solar energy sources to convert solar energy into electricity. Sun Shines directly on solar panels during daylight hours and converts the sun’s energy into Direct Current (DC) which is sent to an inverter. The inverter converts the Direct Current (DC) into alternating current (AC) electricity for home use.

During the peak sun hours, the Solar energy system produces more electricity than needed. Whatever the excess electricity generated is automatically sent to the utility company and the electric meter runs backward. It reduces the chance of power fluctuations that could damage electronic equipment as it produces very high-quality electricity. Utility power is continuously provided all the time whenever the demand for Solar Power exceeds.

Why should companies invest in Solar Power: Top Factors to Consider

1. Impact of Solar Power on the Environment

Solar energy has a negligible impact on the environment compared to any other energy source. It does not produce greenhouse gas and also does not pollute the environment by any means. It also requires a very less amount of water for its maintenance, unlike nuclear power plants which require a huge amount of water. Solar energy production does not create any noise pollution, which is a major benefit. Hence a lot of solar installations are in urban areas such as domestic solar water heaters and solar electrical systems are in use.

2. Reduce Your Energy Bill

Solar power systems help us to generate free power for the entire 25+ year lifecycle. Even if we don’t produce 100 percent of the energy we consume, it will reduce utility bills and we can save a lot of money. It also helps us to save money because of the power we are generating and using, and not buying from your supplier. This will immediately show a reduction in the overall electricity bill and more savings on your energy bill. Through the solar panel, you can make your green investment even more beneficial as it can be used in many ways such as the solar heater, solar power, etc and it is abundant in nature freely. The more energy you produce from solar power, the less harm you give to the environment.

3. Solar Power Energy Production during Peak Hours

Energy utilization tends to be on the higher note in the 11:00-16:00 time frame and then early in the evening hour. Naturally, this is the period when the unit of electricity peaks to the maximum. Solar energy happens to reach its maximum production capacity during those hours to fulfill the demand. Electricity produced in those times has always higher value than if it was generated at night. This additional input of solar energy in those time frames would drive down the consumption in the evening and nearly close to those of night hours.

4. Solar Power Energy Is Universal

As long as the sun shines, solar energy can be deployed anywhere. This is particularly useful for remote areas where there is no access to any other source of electricity. There is a large number of people around the world with no access to electricity. Solar systems could be deployed in those regions where they can improve the lives of millions of people. Moreover, solar energy is also used to power up spacecraft, boats, and solar vehicles.

5. Reduce your Carbon Footprint

​Solar energy is the only renewable energy source that can be used practically in most homes, and solar panels can bring major financial savings. It is one of the most effective sources of renewable energy because of the reliable amount of sun the world gets. The carbon footprint of a solar panel that is a photovoltaic cell is already quite small and, as the materials used in them are being increasingly recycled, it continues to shrink.

6. Increase Transmission Efficiency: Less Electricity Lost during transmission

Most of the energy around 3-5%, is lost during transportation and distribution across the region. The longer the distances between the production and the supply PowerPoint, the more energy is lost between the points. Those losses might not seem significant but actually, they can influence the performance with a high population density region.

Having solar panels on the roof or in the yard significantly reduces this distance and the power points, therefore increasing the efficiency of the solar panels.

7. Create More Job Opportunities via Solar Power economy

There are many advantages of solar energy and the main one is job creation. A large part of the cost is associated with a solar system, which comes from the installation and maintenance of the solar panel. This contributes a lot to the local job creation. Solar systems also boost the economy and positively affect the local community for its use.

8. Lower Maintenance Costs for Solar Power System

Solar panels require very little maintenance. They are generally installed in such a way that it allows rain to run off freely, washing dirt and dust away. As long as we keep them away from dirt, they could last for over 25 years with little loss in efficiency.

9. Value of your Commercial Property

​Solar panels are generally a good investment for your commercial premises/building or campus as it increases the green quotient and hence, the overall value of our property. Current trends in the energy market mean that buildings with solar panels could demand a higher price in the future than one without.

At Apollo Power Systems, we are committed to providing Cost-Effective & Sustainable Solar Power Solutions for all residential campuses and commercial buildings & complexes. Solar Energy is the only renewable energy source that can be used practically in most homes, and solar panels can bring major financial savings. Prices have been falling steadily since the introduction of solar panels. In 1977, one kilowatt-hour of solar energy cost $76.67, compared with $67 in 1977. A green electricity plan helps you get 100% solar energy into your home by installing solar panels. This gives you 24 / 7 access to electricity, even on cloudy days when the solar panels generate less efficiently.

So what are you waiting for? Reach out to us to discuss the solar power possibility to power your office and complex?


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