Transmission and Distribution Construction:

Apollo designs, builds and maintains transmission and distribution systems for its customers to ensure the system operates effectively.

Transmission lines carry high voltage current from where the power is produced to the substations. These are generally used for power transmission over large distances. Very high voltage current is transmitted since the current needs to be transported over long distances.

Distribution lines are for shorter distances and their voltage is a lot lower compared to transmission lines.

We have built a number of turnkey power projects which includes overhead and underground transmission and distribution lines for  our customers using our innovative Engineering, Procurement and construction (EPC) services.

We have the proven expertise and resources to provide quality services in the area of transmission and power infrastructure services.

Our Transmission and distribution Solutions is a complete portfolio which includes design, development and maintenance of the power systems. This includes:

  • Transmission systems from 60KV to 110 KV
  • Filing for regulatory permits
  • Site design and civil work
  • Electric Design Drawings
  • Load Study & Power Requirement Analysis
  • Preparing material specifications(BOQ)
  • Material & Equipment procurement
  • Structure Designs (ex: Distribution Transformer systems and utility designs)
    • Erect Steel and wooden towers to enable transmission and distribution of power.
  • Transmission line upgrades
  • Line Construction and maintenance includes
    • Overhead and underground construction and maintenance(Erecting towers, Earthing, underground cabling)
    • Underground cable replacement
  • Rigging and heavy hauling
  • Project and construction management
  • Emergency services

Key players involved in the process:

  • Utilities
  • Electric cooperatives
  • Municipal agencies
  • Government agencies
  • Independent power producers

Benefits of using our services:

  • Cost benefits
  • Time Savings
  • Makes the processes efficient
  • Domain and Technical Expertise