Transformer Substation Construction

Transformer Substation Construction

Apollo installs and upgrades/retrofits existing power stations with modern Transformer Substation customized to suit customers’ requirements.

A transformer substation is part of the electrical transmission and distribution system that transforms current from high voltage to low voltage or vice-versa or other important functions.

We provide expert consultation right from Design and Siting of the substation to the construction of the substation. Our transformer substation services include:

  • Design Services of Substation
  • Substation construction services
  • Technical Services of Substation
  • Testing Services of Substations
  • Substation Administrative and Maintenance Services

Our Engineering team has the proven expertise to fix challenges that arise from Engineering construction, operation, and maintenance. We have the required EPC (Engineering-Procurement-Construction) capabilities for all the skills and resources needed to deliver comprehensive solutions for the substation construction.

We collaborate with major vendors, engineering consultants, suppliers, and all substation equipment to provide the proven expertise, personnel and other resources for a project.

The Different Tasks Involved in the Substation Construction are:

  • Liasoning – Get the Regulatory Permits for the Installation
  • Design – Calculations, Drawings, Specifications etc. based on industry norms
  • Planning and Siting
    • Feasibility study and conceptual layouts
    • Site Development proposals
  • Material Procurement Services
  • Commercials – Bill of materials (BOM)
  • Substation engineering
    • Transformer and Yard construction
    • Transformer retrofit services
    • Provide Oil or dry type transformer based on the requirements
    • Heavy hauling and rigging of components
    • Laying of HT Cables of various sizes and terminations
    • Battery bank installation, testing, and maintenance
    • Control panel installation and wiring
    • Switchgear maintenance, replacement, and testing
    • SITC of the substation with HT Panels and bus duct
    • SITC of Generators
    • Syn of DGs
    • Excavation, Supplying and laying of HT & LT Cables
  • Substation testing and commissioning – with capacity up to 110 KV
    • Substation and grounding resistivity testing
    • Converting overhead lines to underground cables with trenchless techniques
  • Metering and Control

Sectors Where Our Services are Used:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Government

Benefits of Our Services Include:

  • Cost benefits
  • Time Savings
  • Makes the processes efficient
  • Domain and Technical Expertise