Facility Management Services for MNC

Facility Management Services for MNC

Apollo Power Systems Pvt. Ltd. provides Facility Management Services to a large number of Corporates including many MNCs backed by Skilled & Technical manpower.
Facility Operation & Maintenance mainly of Electro-Mechanical Installations & Support Utilities including Power House, Air-Conditioning Systems, Pumping Installations, Fire-fighting Systems, Elevators, Building Management Systems, UPS, etc. are our specializations.

Do you have a facilities strategy complementing your business strategy?

Are you looking to streamline processes to improve your bottom line?

We at Apollo Facility Management Services, provide Integrated Facility management services to corporate facility management services to manage all its facilities supporting their main operations. We work along with you to have facilities integrated and managed seamlessly with continuous business process improvements. This ensures we deliver significant user satisfaction and improved bottom line.

Our main focus areas include Operation & Maintenance of Electro-Mechanical Installations & Support Utilities, Power House, Substation, Lifts, Air-Conditioning Systems, Pumping Installations, Fire-fighting Systems, Elevators, Building Management Systems, UPS, and others. All the services are backed by skilled, professional & technical manpower.

Backed by skilled, professional & technical manpower we are familiar with both predictive and non-predictive maintenance techniques serving a wide range of electro-mechanical equipment. We adhere to international best practices combined with manufacturer’s operation and maintenance data while operating with any machinery.

FMS being Apollo’s flagship division with over 2000+ in-house personnel monitoring sites and has over 230 reputed clients across South India including Corporate houses, Industrial & Commercial Establishments, Builders, Pharmaceutical companies, IT companies and Data centers etc.

We offer the following corporate facility management services to MNCs:

  • Providing services for qualified & skilled Engineering professionals to handle routine
  • A dedicated Transition team to ensure smooth flow of operations in case of turnovers
  • Administrative and technical support from backend support staff
  • Employ Site/ Equipment specific SOP(Standard operating procedure)
  • Operations as per Company Quality policy
  • Adhere to the SLA based contracts
  • Regular training of all the site staff to enhance their skill sets
  • Site visit report from Operations team
  • Technical Audit from Corporate/Operations team
  • Present Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly reports to the client
  • Periodical maintenance to ensure maximum uptime in respect of all utility equipments
  • Liaison with regulatory bodies to secure requisite approvals during every instance of maintenance checks and renewals
  • Providing technical assistance in Energy Management, System Efficiency Improvement, Re-habilitating of existing systems, Streamlining of Electrical Distribution system and periodical shut-down maintenance of Electro-mechanical Equipment & Installations

Value Proposition:

  • There is a Dedicated Transition team for transition process and a dedicated resource as a Point of Contact(POC) to ensure smooth operations
  • Bench staff would take care of emergency backup during long leave and absenteeism
  • Co-ordination & Supervision towards Annual Shutdown Maintenance and mobilizing additional Man Power
    for Shutdown Work
  • Implementation of  Business Continuity Plan(BCP) for critical equipment and manpower
  • Operational snag list prepared & submitted within a month from the date of commencement (Note: A snag list comprises of items that were not finished to the specifications, that the client, yourself or inspectors are unhappy with.)
  • Exclusive in-house and on-site training

Value Added Services:

Apollo Power Systems has been in the critical power sector providing solutions/services for over two decades, has well understood the needs of power consumers, the importance of uptime in respect of power installations & maintenance of Electro-mechanical equipment. The well trained, dedicated, highly responsive & knowledgeable In-House team works round the clock (24/7) to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Value Addition Services on Demand:

  • Streamlining of Electrical Distribution Systems
  • Plant / Facility Shutdown maintenance
  • Energy Audits
  • Energy Management & System efficiency improvements
  • Liasoning with Government bodies
  • Rental DG sets for emergency purposes
  • Rehabilitation of legacy systems
  • Periodical Maintenance of Electro-mech equipments
  • Single Point Of Contact(SPOC) of Technical services including AMC’s
  • Mobile Generators for emergency power outages at sites
  • Payroll Management
  • Technical staff placement service
  • Chief Electrical Inspector to Government(CEIG) coordination for yearly compliance
  • Risk Assessment of Equipment and its Operations and recommended measures
  • Fire & Safety Audit and recommendation on improvements
  • Surprise night inspection to check the alertness of site team