Facility Management Training

Facility Management Training

Apollo Power Systems Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best facility management company to provide Facility Management Training in India. Apollo believes in corporate facility management services & understands the importance of the employee training, development & education, at the same time. It provides big payoffs for the company in increased productivity, knowledge, loyalty, and contribution.

The facility management training in Bangalore division is managed by a team of professionals who design a set of functions & activities to impart at knowledge on various aspects to all company staff, including Marketing, Sales, Service, FMS or Manufacturing, to improve & maximizing both organizational and employee effectiveness.

At Apollo Power Systems, as the Facility Management Services, staffs are periodically trained on the best practices regarding Operation & Maintenance of most Electro-mechanical Equipment, including  Transformers (sub-stations), DG-Power House, UPS, HVAC, Chiller, Elevator, Electrical panels, Many Breakers, Building Management Service activities, etc.

Apollo provides the best facility management course in Bangalore. Let’s have a look at the course stages and other details.

Stages & various types of facility management training course provided for corporate & MNC’s

  • Pre-Employment Induction Training: Site orientation to brief about site activities, roles & responsibilities including checklists/documents.
  • At office: Induction Training, Attitude, Behavior, Time management, Effective communication, team building, Leadership qualities & Internal relationship
  • At site: State-of-the-art training to suit each site on various equipment, appliances including understanding the customers/client’s requirements, interacting with vendors, handling tough situations without panic, solving problems as per customer requirements
  • Periodic refresher courses are carried-out separately for each site both for Field Staff & Customer Support Representatives (CSRs) at sites
  • Training facility for the Back office operations
  • External Training for Supervisors and above
  • Apollo also provides customized training based on client requirement/demand for their own staff for up-gradation. During such instances, Apollo uses the services of Industry professionals, Consultants with specialized skills on a particular topic/field for training the staff in areas such as EHS, Fire & Safety at sites to meet statutory compliance.
  • Apollo also has the capability and facility for imparting similar training sessions to Clients at respective sites on a continuous or periodically as per the clients’ need.