Facility management

Soft facilities management is of great prominence for a thriving business. Various jobs like cleaning, security, catering, front of house, porterage, reprographics and other non-technical services are called soft services.

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is used to track daily record of campus assets that the Facilities Management maintains like mechanical equipment, buildings and linear assets such as streetlights, tunnels and underground utilities. All work against assets like determining equipment life cycles, tracking frequency of repairs and analyzing costs is recorded by CMMS. Even shop activity, such as how long it takes to complete a request and the backlog status is recorded

Emergency power is the power that is required to support life-safety systems like fire alarms and emergency lighting in case of a power cut.
Backup power also known as optional standby power it is supplied to the systems or equipment whose failure will not impact life safety.

Businesses are outsourcing various tasks to achieve strategic advantages. Except getting the task done outsourcing can provide services that add value to the business. It also helps businesses concentrate on core business which is the main source of revenue.