Generators Projects Executed

Projects division of Apollo Power Systems undertakes:

Turnkey Jobs for Supply, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning of Diesel Generators of any capacity. The job includes – Designing & installation of Mechanical Erection of Exhaust Pipe Lines, Design & fabrication of Fuel Lines/tanks and carries out, extend all related Electrical Installations Services with regard to Generator Installation – Earthing, Power Cable Laying up to Distribution Board, etc. All Statutory Approvals from respective statutory bodies/agencies are also arranged as mandatory and as per customer’s requirement.

Some Customers / Projects Executed by Apollo Power Systems are as follows:

3x2000kVA, 11kV @ Vizag

4x500kVA, 4x377kVA @ Hyderabad

3x1065kVA @ Hyderabad

2x1055kVA @ Hyderabad

3x1065kVA @ Hyderabad

2x1650kVA @ Hyderabad

6x2000kVA, 11kV @ Bangalore

3x1650kVA @ Bangalore

2x1250kVA @ Bangalore

2x1000kVA @ Hyderabad

2x1065kVA @ Bangalore