Solar Fuel Pumping Solutions


Solutions for Fuel Stations, Diesel/Petrol, Remote Fuel Stations, Highway Fuel Stations, GAS Fuel Stations, etc.

Why use Solar powered Stations?

  • Reduce your dependence on highly inflating diesel fuel for back up requirements.
  • Get your solar PV & electricity monitored & usage informed to you.
  • Freedom from erratic govt. fuel cost decisions.
  • Efficiently use your petrol pump Roof‐Top

Reducing Carbon Footprint of Carbon Generating Stations and Still Save Money!

  • Solutions available from 1KW and Above
  • On-Grid solutions to reduce electricity bills
  • Single phase and Three phase pumping solutions
  • Replacing existing polluting DG running on highly inflating Diesel costs through Solar PV installation on Petrol Pump Canopies
  • Off-Grid solutions to run pumps in case of power failures