Solar LED Street Light

Solar LED Street Light Solutions

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The Perfect & Cost-Effective Solar LED Street Light Solutions for Residential Streets, Parking Lots, Security, Roadways & General Area Lighting Applications.

Apollo provides the most innovative solar led street light solutions. We help in saving thousands on electricity by installing led based solar street lights. We have gained a huge appreciation in this field and thus became the leading solar led light manufacturers in India.

Apollo’s commitment – “We strive towards providing Self-Sufficient Street Lighting Solutions in the most needed place” 

Why solar LED street lights are best?

Solar LED Street Light Solutions are perfect & cost-effective solution for residential streets, parking lots, security, roadways & general area lighting applications because solar LED lighting is economically viable & efficient in applications, where the cost of providing electricity is expensive or problematic. Because of the low power consumption & very long lifespan, solar LED street lights are a good alternative to existing LPS (Low-Pressure Sodium) or MH (Metal Halide) lamps.

The Solar Street Light Solutions contain the Solar Panels which convert solar power to an electric current which can be stored in the battery for use later. A controller controls the ‘day to dawn switching’ which enables solar lights to automatically switch on at evening times.

One can go for a Standalone / Off-grid Street Light systems or Grid-based Systems.  a large solar grid array In the grid-based systems is used to supply the power to all the different street poles. This way there is no need for battery backup. The power comes entirely from the solar power electricity in the case of Off-grid Street light systems.

Apollo Renewables range of street lighting systems are completely self-contained, require no electricity line extensions & maintenance-free, making ideal where utility power is unreliable or uneconomical. Apollo Renewables provides complete outdoor lighting systems & solutions with various lights, bulkheads, solar modules, solar charge controllers, batteries & poles.

The Solar LED Street light enables large savings in power over the long term since it uses free solar power instead of the grid power whose rates keep increasing over time. It also requires minimal maintenance and is a viable solution for the government and commercial establishments to reap the benefits.