Solar EPC – Our Solution

Solar EPC – Our Solution

We are Solar Energy EPC Services Company which are Engineering, Procurement, and Construction phases of a solar project. We undertake projects right from the concept stage to commissioning including maintenance and testing activities of a solar project.

You could choose EPC with different arrangements based on the way it’s executed. The entire Solar Energy EPC Services could be subcontracted to the EPC vendor or a part of these services can be handled in-house and the rest could be given to the EPC vendor based on the viability and feasibility. ( For ex Engineering can be handled in-house and construction and procurement can be given to the vendor or other combinations could be looked at)

Key Tasks Involved in the Solar Energy EPC Contract are:

  • Engineering – This phase involves the engineering tasks involved in the project like system design and structural engineering work.
  • Procurement – This involves procuring different parts/components like Transformers, inverters, and others at attractive prices. This is done through Request for Proposals (RFP) where several bids are sought from different vendors and ensures a fair procurement process.
  • Construction – This involves giving contracts to different players to successfully execute the different phases of the project until completion.

Why Should You Consider a Solar Energy EPC?

When a huge Solar project is considered there are a number of EPC activities involved in logistics, installation, assembly and others. A bottleneck in any one of the areas can delay the whole project. Hence outsourcing these activities to experts who have the experience in these activities can ease the process. Also if operations are not your area of strength and you are focusing on finishing the project then you should consider subcontracting the project to an EPC consultant.

Apollo has the right knowledge, industry contacts, and right vendor base to assist you in implementing your solar projects on a budget and time feasible to you.

Our EPC Solutions Include:

  • Solutions for PPA with Govt, PPA with Private, BOOT, RESCO, EPC, Owners Engineers, O & M, AMC
  • Cutting Edge Solutions from Concept to commissioning & beyond…
  • Providing you Customized Highest Performing Solar Photovoltaic Systems