Solar On Grid

Solar On Grid System

Solar on Grid System by Apollo Power System

What are Solar On-grid Systems? Why is it Called a Grid Connected System?

The Solar On-Grid System consists of the solar system connected to a utility grid (usually the public electricity grid) that powers the system without battery backup. The system only works when there is grid supply. Hence the name Grid-connected PV system.The system is customized to use small battery bank as a buffer to provide robustness and deliver quality power to the customer.

How Does the System Work?

A solar system generates electricity using solar power utilizing solar panels. The power generated is Direct Current(DC) and needs to be converted to Alternating Current(AC) for external appliances to use. So the system is connected to one or more inverters to convert DC to AC. The inverters also help to regulate the current generated.

Major Components of the System:

  • Solar Modules
  • Grid- Electricity supply
  • Grid Tie Inverter
  • AC Disconnect
  • DC Disconnect
  • AC Distribution panel
  • Solar Meter

The system consists of AC and DC disconnects. They are used to switch the current flowing between the components. It helps to maintain and protect against electric fires. The solar meter measures the power generated in the system.

Net Metering

This system enables the user to avail Net Metering. In case of extra power generated by the Solar PV System,  the power is sent back to the grid. The user can then avail credit for the surplus power supplied by the power distribution companies. A Bi-directional meter is employed which measures both the inflow & outflow of power.

Net Metering Benefits

  • Get paid by DISCOM (Power distribution companies) for excess energy exported to a grid at attractive rates
  • Up to 90% reduction in an electricity bill is possible
  • Net Units = Imported Units – Exported Units

Benefits of Solar On-Grid System

  • Solar On-Grid Solution harness the solar energy for sustainable & cost-effective power solutions using underutilized rooftops.
  • Syncs and shares energy with Grid
  • Turnkey solutions including Net metering
  • Without a battery, economical with no recurring cost
  • Export generated unutilized energy to a grid
  • Best in class solar modules
  • Solutions available from 1KW and above
  • Highest performing inverters
  • Single phase and Three phase Solutions
  • Customized solutions to suit site conditions

Solutions for

  • Individual Houses
  • Institutions
  • Places of Worship
  • Villas
  • IT / BT Companies
  • Industries
  • Apartments
  • Warehouses
  • Farm Houses