Solar Water Pumping Solutions

Solar Water Pumping Solutions


What is a solar water pump?

A pump running on electricity generated from photovoltaic panels or the thermal energy radiated from sunlight instead of grid electricity or diesel run water pumps. The cost of operating solar powered pumps is more economical because of very less operation and maintenance costs. It also has less environmental impact than pumps powered by an internal combustion engine (ICE). They are used in places where grid electricity is unavailable.

Why Solar powered pumps?

  • Uses energy freely available from Nature
  • Very Low operational and maintenance cost
  • Modular and scalable
  • Reliable and user-friendly system
  • Performs best during summer
  • Requires very less supervision

Product Offerings:

  • AP-PB-3K
  • Pump with 4000 liters each pumping capacity
  • Pump with 2000 liters each pumping capacity
  • AP‐PB‐5K
  • Pump with 4000 liters each pumping capacity
  • Pump with 2000 liters each pumping capacity

Product features:

  • High efficiency & longer back up time
  • Intelligent charging ensuring more battery life
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over temperature sensing
  • Auto priority logic to charger from both mains & solar simultaneously.
  • No load sleep: If the load is less than 10W, the inverter will go to automatic sleep and save power
  • Separate Liquid crystal display for inverter & MPPT status monitoring.
  • Solar Energy meter on LCD
  • 10‐20% more solar energy is harvested by using MPPT solar charger

Solutions for Agriculture, Drip Irrigation, Bore Well, Running River, Sump to Overhead, Water Treatment Plants – STP/ETP, Horticulture, Floriculture, Apartments, Institutions, etc.

Providing Dependable Solar Water Pumping Solutions where it’s needed most.

  • Solutions available from 1 HP – 20 HP
  • VFD – variable frequency Drives
  • Automatic Start and Shutoff
  • Single phase and Three phase Pumping Solutions
  • Retrofit Solutions to existing AC pumps
  • Can take Solar DC input/Grid AC Input/Genset AC Input
  • Submersible and Surface pumping solutions
  • Brushless DC pumps
  • Submersible Pump Head up to 200 meters

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Solar Water Pumps are systems that are powered by solar energy to pump surface or underground water for irrigation or other useful purposes.

The Solar Water Pump consists of :

  • Water pump(submersible or surface water pump)
  • Solar panels
  • Control Panel
  • Batteries

Solar Water pump consists of Solar Panels made of solar cells which convert sunlight into electricity(DC). The DC current can be fed to a DC motor to pump water or DC can be converted into AC through an inverter and AC can be fed to a AC pump for drawing water.

Surface or underground water drawn using Solar panels is used for irrigation, for feeding livestock or other useful purposes.

  • Solar Water pumps do not need grid power to function and need Sunlight for its functioning. This eliminates the dependence on grid power.
  • Its very helpful in remote areas where there is intermittent power failures and there is need for power for irrigation purposes.
  • Grid power cost for irrigation reduces, with low maintenance costs.

The different types of Solar Water pumps are:

  • Surface Water pumps
  • Submersible Water pumps
  • AC pumps
  • DC pumps
  • Submersible water pumps can lift the water from great depths of over 600 feet.
  • Surface water pumps can pump surface water from the depths of 10-15 ft
  • Check out the water requirements needed for irrigation or other purposes
  • Install the Solar panels in a shadow free area for maximum solar exposure
  • Ensure that there are no bird droppings or other kind of debris which can obstruct sunlight exposure. Otherwise it can reduce the efficiency.

Solar Water pumps work best when Solar panels receive maximum solar exposure. In case of cloudy or foggy day , chances are Solar panels may not receive the optimum solar exposure and hence the output would be less. In these cases it is best to have a backup like a diesel generator to take up the load of pumping the water.

  • Ensure that the solar panels are cleaned regularly so that they work at maximum efficiency.
    Check whether the water pump is working properly so that water gets pumped properly.