Edge Over Competition

Edge Over Competition

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Maximum Energy Generation

  • Tracking the Sun like a Sunflower allows us to gather and convert more sun to energy.
  • The high efficiency combined with tracking, means the system is always pointing at the Sun, gathering the most of the Sun’s rays and converting it to power.
  • On a good day, Quadsun can produce up to 70% more energy than other Solar Technologies.

Maximum Conversion Efficiency

  • The high reflectivity and precise parabolic mirrors combined with very efficient receivers maximize conversion of sunlight.
  • The hot water solution has a unique design that allows benchmark heat rate transfers from the receiver to the medium that needs to be heated.

Low Physical Footprint – Minimal Space

Quadsun systems need close to only half the space required to generate the same amount of energy as compared to other technologies.

A low footprint is the outcome of tracking the sun using high efficiency cells.

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CST - Reliability | Apollo Power Systems

  • Chassis manufactured with Laser cut parts
  • Galvanized chassis for rust free life
  • Die Casted Gearbox
  • Slew Gearbox design for Azimuth and Elevation Tracking
  • DC Brushless Stepper Motors for Precision Sun-Tracking
  • Specially tooled Tempered mirrors with maximum reflectivity
  • Mirrors tooled by Rioglass
  • Specially designed Receiver for Maximum Heat Exchange
  • The structure designed for wind speeds up to 120 Kmph
  • Customized Sun tracking Algorithm and Electronics
  • Field control Electronics using reliable components
  • Sensors to monitor wind speed and temperature
  • Flow switch to monitor proper water flow
  • Flow meters to record water flow
  • Components with best MTBF
  • Product Tested and Approved by NISE – National Institute of Solar Energy