Why Solar Heating?

Why Go for Solar Heating?

  • Attractive ROI and IRR
  • Payback of 1-3 Years Thereafter Revenue Up to 25 Years
  • Reduce Your Electricity/Diesel Bills
  • Reliable and Proven Technology
  • RESCO Model Solutions Available
  • Contribute to India’s Energy Independence
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  • Hedging against variability in power system
  • MNRE & UNDP – GEF Subsidy
    • MNRE Capital subsidy of Rs.6000/ sq. m. of collector area or 30% of project cost whichever is less.
    • UNDP – GEF Additional support of 10% of a project cost
  • Acceleration Depreciation
    Invest in Solar and claim accelerated depreciation in your business 80% depreciation on WDV of an asset for first 5 years reduces the effective capital cost For every Rs. 100 invested in Solar, Rs. 27 is saved in Income Tax in the first year Project Payback period is reduced by more than a year.